Though granite utensils are not widely used, granite is a good insulator and can withstand heat for longer.

Granite Utensils

Granite Utensils

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Granite is an igneous and signature rock and its occurrence is very wide. No other planet other than Earth has this rock type. The word granite is derived from the Latin word “gramim” which means grain. It is a coarse plutonic rock, which consists quartz, orthoclase, feldspar, sanidine, pyroxene, mica, hornblende, etc. and can be found in pink, gray or a mixed of these colors and there are various patterns also available.

Handcrafted Granite Utensils

Granite stones are formed by a natural process called metamorphic aureole. They are usually found on the mountain folds and are formed as hills or hill locks. These stones are tough, hard and second most durable among all the stones. Many people use it in construction and making things like utensils. It can withstand high temperature and pressure too. Two granite stones are never identical and are really attractive to look at. Granite was used even during the period of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, where it was used to construct monuments, buildings, temples and ofcourse pyramids.

Though granite utensils are not so famous and widely used, it is good insulator and can withstand heat for longer. These granite utensils are usually highly polished to sustain weathering. While using granite utensils it should be taken care that they are not too much burned or should not be dropped as it may chip off soon. While buying granite utensils it should be seen that they are smooth and free from blemishes, as blemishes may ruin the whole utensil very soon. So many don’t opt for granite utensils as much care and attention should be given to it.

Granite utensils are chic, gorgeous, and attractive and are easy to clean. It is strong and beautiful and if proper care is taken it will last for years. And they look gorgeous for serving in a party or on some special occasion.

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