Fashion jewelry is otherwise called costume jewelry, fake jewelry or junk jewelry, and it is manufactured to match any fashionable attire.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry
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Fashion jewelry is otherwise called costume jewelry, fake jewelry or junk jewelry, and is manufactured to match any fashionable attire. These are also called fashion jewelry as they are not made with precious stones. For those who are open to new trends fashion and love to deck themselves with different kinds of jewels, fashion jewels have a huge collection of choices for them. Instead of using costly material like gold, silver, platinum, etc. fashion designers opt for materials like jute, wood, glass, paper, plastics, ivory, bone, stone, lac, terracotta, etc, which were cheap and can be discarded easily.

Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewels have been evolving for more than 200 years. The first piece fashion jewelry was made with glass in the beginning of the 18th century. After nearly a century, in the beginning of the 19th century, the use of semi-precious stones like rhinestones, zircon, Lucite, nickel, etc. came into existence. The use of such stones was a gateway for fashion jewelry to reach the hands of common man. One of the main advantages of this form jewelry was that it was weight less and looked same as the real jewelry.

In India, fashion jewelry is more prevalent among teenagers. Jewelry Like tribal jewelry that are chunky, stainless steel jewelry, glass beads strung on nylon threads, spiral shaped bangles and rings made out of metals and plastics, jewelry with messages and symbols on it, tattoo jewelry, body piercing jewelry and many more that are most sought after.

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