Indian weddings are known for there style, grandeur, tradition and magnificence. Check out more about the rituals and ceremonies in weddings in India.

Indian Weddings

Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual's life. It is coming together of two individuals, two souls and two families. In the Indian context, the importance and sanctity of the wedding institution can be gauged from the fact that a number of rituals are performed to accomplish it. Marriages in India are performed with utmost care and in accordance with ancient practices. A number of considerations are still taken in account before choosing a prospective match.

The regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity calls in for a variety of customs and rituals being followed in different Indian marriages. Though the feeling and fervor behind all the weddings is the same yet you will find differences in rituals, ceremonies and traditions in different parts of India. Moreover, marriage is considered a lifetime affair, which is celebrated just once. As a result, it becomes an event to be cherished and to make fond memories for the rest of the life. The bride and he groom feel elated as they are treated royally on the occasion.

Finding a suitable match is one of the most blessed things on this earth. It is the most anticipated moment in everyone's life as they eagerly wait to meet their soul mate. Wedding is therefore special for every unmarried person and they want it to be the most memorable moment of their life. This is very much evident in the wedding preparations, which are done best according to one's own capacity. Be it wedding dress, jewelry, make up, decoration or arrangement, everything should be just perfect, for this dream come true state.