The look of the bride is incomplete without complimenting wedding accessories. Know more on Indian wedding accessories.

Bridal Accessories

The bride is the center of attraction for nearly everybody on her wedding. The thing worth noting here is that it's not just her, that people notice. It's her dress, her jewelry, her beauty, her makeup, so on and so forth. Therefore, she cannot afford to go wrong or not pay attention towards the wedding accessories. Wedding accessories complete the bridal look of the bride and set her apart from the crowd. There are varied types of wedding accessories that the bride can choose from. However, the most essential wedding accessories for an Indian bride primarily constitute of footwear, hand bags, hair accessories and jewelry. 


Footwear is very important when it comes to the overall look of a person. Mismatching shoes can ruin the beauty of the dress as well as your persona. While buying shoes one should be very careful and consider factors like, the fit, the comfort, the style, etc. Regarding style you can go for gorgeous designer shoes with small heel, beautifully decorated with beads, stones or colorful straps. Moreover, you can choose from flat heels, platform-heels, according to your height, as they are very much in vogue. 

Hand bags

Hand bag is another essential accessory to be paid attention to. Do not commit the mistake of carrying a regular bag along, on your wedding day. It will mar your attraction as well as people's exuberance. Always carry a bag which matches with your attire and look. For being on the safer side choose a bag in the color which goes with every dress. Moreover, there are several bags available in varied shapes and styles. You can go for the ones with long straps or with short straps or small, sleek and stylish ones according to your taste. Crotchet bags, knitted bags, cloth bags with bright colors and flowery patterns look great with bridal wear. 

Other Accessories

Other accessories include hair accessories like hair clips studded with beads, semi precious stones etc. If your wedding is in winters, keep a Shawl or Stoll handy. Of course, it should compliment your outfit. Keep handkerchiefs also, as they might prove to be helpful any time.