Indian wedding music is a blend of traditional and contemporary themes. Read about the wedding music in Indian marriage.

Wedding Music

Music is known as the universal language of the heart and wedding is one of the most touching moments of life. It brings along mixed feelings of pleasure and pain that it becomes difficult to express one self. At this point of time, music comes to rescue. The family members of both the bride and groom utilize this tool to express their feelings and celebrate the occasion. In Indian Hindu weddings, there are many rituals that take place throughout the five day long event. 

In India, the wedding music is basically a mixed bag as it contains traditional, folk and contemporary themes. There is an exclusive event dedicated to music which is known as Sangeet ceremony. During the ceremony all the female friends, associates of the family gather and celebrate the occasion by singing traditional songs and dancing to rejoice. The songs sung at this point of time are basically based on the wedding life of the bride. Women tease the bride by cracking jokes about the groom and his family members. 

After this, the Mehndi ceremony takes place, which also resounds with the beat of the Dholak and tunes of songs, sung to bless the wedding couple and to pray for their prosperity. On the wedding day also, the barat following the groom dances on various songs played by the band. After this, the wedding venue also has arrangements for playing music by DJs. Some of the weddings even have dancing floors set up to facilitate people dance and celebrate the occasion.

After the pheras are over, the vidaai ceremony also has its own set of songs. Songs depicting the separation of the bride from her family are sung. These songs are true reflection of the family members of the bride and prove to be their best expression. On the reception also, the family of the groom makes arrangement for music, as an expression to show affection towards the new member and to give her a warm welcome. This brings us to the conclusion that music is vital to any wedding ceremony, thereby setting the mood of the same.