Bridal wedding saris form an integral part of the bride's wardrobe. Check out more on Indian wedding saree.

Bridal Saris

Sari is the traditional Indian attire for women. It forms an integral part of the bridal wardrobe as well. Though this attire has been worn by the women of the country since ages, it still maintains its grace and charm. It still finds relevance in the contemporary modern world and is considered her ornament. Nothing enhances the beauty of Indian woman as the sari does. Moreover, today the fashion gurus have worked upon it to make it a fashion and style statement. There are many brands available in the market, which offer a diverse collection of bridal saris.

In an Indian wedding quite a number of brides prefer wearing sari. Thus, to make each bride look uniquely different and pretty, there is a huge variety of wedding saris available. You can choose your sari considering factors like fabric, contemporary look, traditional, type of work, season, type (south Indian), color and price. On the basis of fabric you can go for materials like silk, crepe, faux, georgette, satin, net, cotton and many more. 

In case of silk saris you can further choose from Mysore silk, Kanjivaram, Tussar silk, Banarasi silk, pure silk, etc. Based on the looks, the saris can be divided into three categories, contemporary, traditional and designer. Coming to work, bridal saris are heavily embellished with embroidery like zari work, cut work, mirror work, organza, sequins, zardosi, pearls, kasab and kundan. This not enhances the sari but also adds sparkle to the beauty of the wearer.

Considering the color of the wedding sari, it is usually in shades of red like pink, maroon, magenta, rani, peach, orange etc. This is because, red color is considered auspicious in India. Unlike the weddings abroad, black and white are the forbidden colors. Moreover, while buying a wedding sari, you should keep in mind the season, you are getting married in. 

This will help you to make a wise choice with regard to its material. Last but not the least comes the price factor. Wedding saris are available in a wide price range. It basically depends upon the fabric and the amount of work done upon it. Though money is not a consideration when it comes to looking good on your D-day, but still keeping the price range in mind, will help you to stay focused and eventually make a nice choice.