Indian wedding centerpieces add on to the beauty of the area. Know about centerpieces ideas for wedding in India.

Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces have become quite vital to the wedding decorations today. They are used on wedding day feast, wedding receptions, wedding cocktail parties, etc. They not only decorate your surroundings but also set the mood of the function. In India weddings take a considerable time to conclude and there are many ceremonies, which take place during the entire period in which the wedding take place. So, to make every function look different, wedding centerpieces can prove to be potent tools. Given below are some innovative wedding centerpiece ideas.

  • Fruits and vegetables can work as great centerpieces. You can either arrange them aesthetically or apply fruit and vegetable carving to give them interesting shapes. Their colors provide vibrancy to the ambience.
  • Candles are yet another warm centerpiece items that you can use. Floating candles are quite in, nowadays, which not only look traditional but also provide a cordial feel to the whole atmosphere. Choose the color according to the theme or the decoration around.
  • Dried flowers and bushes can also be used as wedding centerpieces. This looks quite good in winters. They create a trendy yet ethnic look.
  • Flowers are an all time hit for wedding centerpieces. Choose flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, tulips, gerberas coupled with ferns and satin ribbons. They provide a softer and delicate aura to the whole surroundings.
  • Flower vases or crystal vases will look very plush as wedding centerpieces.