Indian Invitation cards are the symbol of wedding sanctimony. Given below is information on invitation cards for Indian marriage.

Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation cards are the first call towards the wedding ceremony. As per the customs and traditions of India, all the friends and relatives are invited to the by both the families, with the help of wedding invitation cards. These cards are a formal invitation sent to all the acquaintances in order to inform them about the wedding and all the related details. In the Indian society, wedding card bears a traditional look and at the same time is very appealing.

Both the families involved in the wedding alliance get invitation cards printed for themselves and send the first card to each other. Only after this, the wedding cards are distributed amongst others. Nowadays, the wedding invitation cards have changed drastically. They are available in different colors, designs, shapes and sizes. Moreover they are printed on different paper material according to your choice and budget.

For example you can go for crushed paper, handmade paper, glossy paper, matt finish paper, fibrous paper etc. After choosing the paper, you can choose from various designs like two fold card, three fold card, rectangular shape, square shape etc. Each card has prints on it which are usually auspicious symbols such as Lord Ganesha, Om symbol, Swastik symbol, Kalash, Palanquin, Barat scene, Betel leaf, Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Ganesha, etc

Some people even get their cards personalized by putting the photos of the bride and the groom. Nevertheless, after the design, you need to decide the content to be written inside the card. It usually contains the name of the bride and the groom, along with their families. It also provides information about the schedule of the wedding, such as the time and the venue of various programs to be taken place.