This article provides information on wedding preparations in India. Check out preparation for Indian marriage.

Wedding Preparations

Though wedding is a dream, which every young heart wishes to realize soon, yet it is certainly not that easy. This cherished dream brings along a lot of responsibilities. Moreover, the wedding process itself is quite complex and long, which further strengthens the fact that it is not a play thing. It is one of the most important and serious affairs in one's life and therefore requires utmost attention. 

So, in order to organize a hassle free and joyful wedding, there are a number of preparations that are to be taken care of. These are basic fundamentals, any marriage comprises of. The successful completion of all these things will not only relieve you from worries but will also enable you to enjoy the wedding with a peaceful mind. For your convenience, given below is a check list of all the items you should pay attention to and complete before hand.

Honeymoon Planning

After all the hustling bustling activities of the wedding are over it is time for the newly wed couple to relax and spend some time together. This is what the honeymoon provides. It is an ideal opportunity for the couple to come close and know each other better.

Wedding Budget

Budget is the most crucial aspect of the Indian wedding. With increasing class consciousness and show, people have started spending huge amounts of money on weddings. This not only leads to wastage but might also prove detrimental for you in the end. 

Wedding Car Decoration

Gone are the days when the groom used to come to wed the bride, on a horse. Most of the Indian men prefer traveling by car nowadays. It is not only deemed more classy and luxurious but also comfortable. 

Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces have become quite vital to the wedding decorations today. They are used on wedding day feast, wedding receptions, wedding cocktail parties, etc. They not only decorate your surroundings but also set the mood of the function.

Wedding Decoration

Any Indian wedding is incomplete without decoration. Not only weddings, in India decoration is a must on all festive occasions and cultural events. Decoration only beautifies the surroundings but also fills it with positive energy. It is a form of celebration and expressing joy. 

Wedding Favors

Indian weddings are a time to meet and celebrate for the entire family. Weddings are an occasion, when everybody, no matter how far they might stay, gather and rejoice. Therefore as per Hindu tradition, all the relatives are given favors to treat them well and express your joy and gratitude.

Wedding Food

Apart from their lavish décor and pomp celebrations, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous food. Any wedding is considered incomplete without delicious food. In India, the arrangement of the wedding day food is done by the parents of the bride.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards are the first call towards the wedding ceremony. As per the customs and traditions of India, all the friends and relatives are invited to the by both the families, with the help of wedding invitation cards. 

Wedding Photography

In India, wedding is a special event not only for the bride and the groom, but also for many other people who are related to them. Thus, it becomes inevitable to get these moments captured so that one can remember all the fun filled as well as emotional instances that took place in the wedding. 

Wedding Planners

In India, wedding is an elaborate affair as there are a number of rituals and ceremonies that take place during the entire wedding ceremony. In effect it requires a lot of planning, organizing and managing, irrespective of the fact that what is your budget. 

Wedding Shoppping

Shopping for an Indian wedding is one of the most adventurous and fun filled part of the entire event. Besides, it is also an essential aspect because wedding is all about starting a new life from the scratch. Therefore, both the bride and the groom are provided with all the effects for new household.

Wedding Stage

Wedding stage is the focal point in any Indian wedding function. The stage is the place where for the first time the bride and the groom see each other as formal soul mates. Some of the most important wedding rituals take place on the wedding stage itself and therefore, it holds a significant place in a wedding.

Wedding Venue

Venue is the most crucial choices to be made for a wedding ceremony. There are a lot of things that depend upon the venue; therefore it is very essential to have an appropriate place for the occasion. Nowadays, there are many places that can serves as good venue option for marriages.