Flower wedding is another good option for theme wedding in India. Know more about Indian flower wedding.

Flower Wedding

India is a bounteous land in terms of natural beauty. Owing to its picturesque locales, it is also referred as the heavenly abode of the Lord. This abundance can be celebrated along with the special occasion of your wedding. This is possible if you choose flower theme for your marriage. Flowers are liked by and all and represent beauty, purity and delicacy. They are used for a number of purposes and are inevitably essential for any wedding decoration. However, the charm of the occasion can be escalated with the flower theme.

Indians are an admirer of beauty and elegance, with an innate urge to celebrate occasions with zeal. This is even reflects in the way they celebrate weddings. Thus, flower wedding is the ideal way to blend both the things together. The most fun thing about this whole concept is that there is a huge variety to choose from. Flowers are available in different colors and species, allowing you to create your own decoration style for the wedding. For a traditional look you can choose flowers like marigold, rose, jasmine etc.

These are the most preferred flowers and are widely used in decoration. For a more western and stylized look you can go for orchids, carnations, gerberas etc. These are the plush variety of flowers aimed at making the ambience look classy. However, another thing to be kept in mind is the color of the flowers, as it decides the overlook of your décor. Essentially dark shades are used for a traditional look such as yellow, maroon, red, orange, white etc.

For a more chic westernized décor, choose soft pastel shades like mauve, peach or sea blue and pink used with silver and fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses or lilies. Though these flowers are a little costly, they do wonders when added to your surroundings. Nevertheless, whatever you decide to use, don't forget to keep your budget in mind. The overall cost anyhow depends on the total area to be decorated and the use of various accessories and flowers.