Stage is the center of attraction in an Indian wedding. Read more about wedding stage designs in India.

Wedding Stage

Wedding stage is the focal point in any Indian wedding function. The stage is the place where for the first time the bride and the groom see each other as formal soul mates. Some of the most important wedding rituals take place on the wedding stage itself and therefore, it holds a significant place in a wedding. The Jaimala ritual takes place at the wedding stage in India. This is a fun filled ritual, wherein all the family members and friends crowd around the couple. This also calls for a strong yet beautiful stage deign. 

The significance of the stage can also be explained by the fact that it gives an opportunity to all the guests to see the wedding from a distance. So, the wedding stage has to fulfill many tasks at one point of time. This even stresses upon the design of the stage. Initially, simple stages were preferred with less ornamentation. Nowadays, people's preferences have changed. Most of the people go for stage decoration in accordance with the theme of their wedding.

For a traditional look you can use colors like maroon, yellow, red with silver and golden drapes. For props you can use diyas and kalash. The backdrop can be given a traditional look by setting up royal thrones for the bride and the groom. For the guests you can arrange sofas and settees. However, for a lighter yet elegant look you can go for flower decoration. Flowers can be used aesthetically to provide that fairy tale look to your surroundings. You can team this up with flowy material drapes, in colors matching your flower arrangement.

Furthermore, the shape of the stage is also vital. They are available in all shapes and sizes to suit your need. They can even look grand with the help of elaborate pillars, statuesque columns and decorated domes. This can be further enhanced by appropriate usage of colors, lights and texture. Moreover, for a finer look, the stages are detailed with exquisite carvings by the help of skilled craftsmanship. This ensures your wedding day truly becomes special in every sense of the word.