Deciding venue is the most crucial decision in an Indian wedding. Find out some tips on venues for Indian marriages.

Wedding Venues

Venue is the most crucial choices to be made for a wedding ceremony. There are a lot of things that depend upon the venue; therefore it is very essential to have an appropriate place for the occasion. Nowadays, there are many places that can serves as good venue option for marriages. In India, though most of the weddings are still conducted in banquet halls, people are becoming more experimental in choosing unconventional venue options. 

While deciding the wedding venue, the first and foremost thing to be taken care of is your budget. This is because, the bigger the budget, the better the venue. The conventional and unconventional wedding venue options in India comprise of places like clubs, parks, banquets, hotels, farm houses, cruises, temples etc. This not only gives you variety but also cater to your needs better. Also, keep in mind that the venue should be in proximity with your residence so that it is easy for you to commute. 

Moreover, the size of the venue should also be considered and it should be in accordance with your guest list. The more the number of people invited, the larger the venue. In order to stay on the safer side, book your desired venue way before hand, as it might not be available in the peak wedding season, owing to rush. During the peak season the rates of the places are also quite high, so advance booking will provide you with better economic deals. Don't forget to check if the venue has basic amenities like proper electricity, water and washroom facilities.