Shoes are an important part of the wedding attire for men. Check out more information about wedding shoes for Indian groom.

Bridegroom Shoes

Every individual wants to look good on his wedding. It is a one in a lifetime occasion and everyone wants to utilize the opportunity to the maximum. All the eyes are after all set only on the wedding couple, so none of them can afford to go wrong anywhere. As a result, their clothes and accessories are paid special attention to. This even includes the wedding shoes of the groom. Anyways, it is said that men's character is reflected by the shoes they wear. 

Moreover, an exclusively designed outfit can prove to be completely worthless, in the absence of good shoes. Thus, while deciding the attire for your special day, don't forget to choose suitable shoes, in accordance with it. For an Indian wedding, the groom usually wears a suit or an ethic dress like sherwani, achkan, Jodhpuri suit, kurta payjama etc. So, these exotic outfits should be matched with suitable shoes to complete that princely look. 

With suits, the best footwear is formal shoes. These can be worn in different shades in accordance with the color of your suit. Some of the common colors in formal shoes are black, brown, maroon, olive green etc. In addition, formal shoes are of two types; one which can be tied with the help of the laces and others which can be just slipped into i.e. without laces. Thus, you can make your choice according to your own comfort and liking. 

Apart from these, if you are going for a traditional dress like sherwani, achkan, or kuta pyjama, you should go for Mojaris, which are commonly known as Jootis. These are elegant slip-ons available in different designs, shapes and sizes. To make them look perfect for that special occasion, they are fashioned respectively. They are usually handcrafted and embellished with colorful beads, gems and Zari work.