Wedding make up adds gleam to the beauty of the bride. Find out more about Indian bridal makeup.

Bridal Make Up

Wedding is that event in one's life, when the world seems colorful and filled with high hopes for the coming future. It is the stepping stone for a completely new life, which is a mystery and nobody knows what is in store for them. Nevertheless, everyone wants to begin this new journey on a good note, wishing for happiness and prosperity abound. So, the bride celebrates this occasion by trying to look her best on this special day. Apart from her clothes and jewelry, her look is also very important. This is what the bridal make up takes care of. 

For an Indian wedding, the makeup artists keep in mind the conventionality of the occasion. There are a number of salons and parlors which specialize in bridal make up only. These places are a good option, wherein you can avail various facilities and wedding packages. Besides, there are many functions which take place before and after the main wedding day, such as, engagement, sangeet, mehndi, reception, etc. For all these occasions also the bride needs to look good.

Usually light make up is applied for all the pre wedding ceremonies. This makes it easy for the bride to carry it as she is involved in many activities. On the contrary heavy makeup is applied on the main wedding ceremony. The make up is done keeping in mind the wedding dress, the face structure, the skin type and the jewelry. This is to ensure an overall uniform look for the bride. The makeup of the bride is kept exclusive to make her stand out of the crowd, but should not look overdone at any cost. Therefore, it is advised to go for a skilled makeup artist, who knows the art well.

However, it should be noted that makeup cannot make anyone good-looking overnight. It only hides your flaws and accentuates your features. So, for that glow on the face, one needs to work hard, way before the wedding day. Take skin care treatments to cleanse the pores and revitalize the cells. Consult your beautician and chalk out a schedule for yourself to keep your skin replenished. Drink plenty of water; eat fresh fruits and green vegetables for nourishing the body from within.