Wedding accessories for groom play an important role in creating that perfect look. Check out Indian Wedding Accessory for bridegroom.

Bridegroom Accessories

The bridegroom is undoubtedly the apple of everyone's eyes on his wedding day. He is the center of attraction for all and therefore, it becomes important to pay attention towards how he looks on the wedding ceremony. Thus, there are a number of things, which have to be taken to be taken care of to achieve the goal. This includes the wedding dress and the various other accessories to compliment it. Sometimes, the type of accessories even indicate the tradition and customs.

First and foremost the important accessory is the cufflinks to be worn with the formal suit or the Jodhpuri suit. It should match with the look he dons. For style and elegance, you can go for diamond or other semi-precious stone cufflinks. However, keep in mind the color of the suit while choosing the cufflinks. It should escalate the beauty of your suit. Another important accessory is the turban or the pagdi, worn by the groom on the head. It is usually made using different fabrics like leheriyas, tie dyes, or self woven brocades.

This is an essential accessory worn by the groom and adds grace to his personality. Here also, the color of the pagri should be in accordance with the wedding attire. This is followed by sehra, which is worn by the groom during the time of Barat. It is a veil of flowers tied to the forehead, in front of the face. In case of a royal attire or wedding, you can accentuate your look with the use of some princely ornaments. This mainly consists of a beaded necklace, known as moti mala.