Beach wedding is considered the most romantic ones in India. Know more about Indian beach marriage ideas.

Beach Wedding

For all the would-be brides and grooms nothing can seem more special than their wedding. It is an occasion, which every couple wants to make memorable, as it is a one time affair. Thus, in order to achieve that feeling, people opt for different ideas. One such way of making your wedding special is by arranging it on a beach. Exotic beach weddings have become quite popular amongst the young Indian couples, who do not fear from experimenting. The thought of a marriage on the sea shore, resounding with the echo of splashing water, makes it the most romantic wedding idea. 

For accomplishing your dream fantasy, India has a plethora of beaches to offer. Some of the most preferred wedding beaches are of Goa, Kerala, Lakshwadeep and Andaman. These places provide one of the finest beach lines in the country with a mood of their own. Being more precise, Goa beaches are more lively and active. They are suitable for those who wish to organize a fun filled wedding, savoring the true spirit of the place, as you can spruce up the ceremonies with Goan music bands, typical rain dance, flowers and coconut water.

Dotted with palm trees, Kerala beaches on the other hand are blessed with Mother Nature. The timeless pristine beaches with sparkling waters in the background serve as the perfect template for swearing your love and life to your partner. Moreover, the state allows you to blend unconventional with traditional by allowing you to conduct a Kerala style marriage. This includes the groom arriving on an elephant and the bride draped in a traditional sari. 

With this you can also enjoy the south Indian delicacies, especially prepared for the occasion. In the evening you can go for a sail in the sea with your beloved and celebrate in the night with sea shore barbeque and regional music. Coming to the Andaman and Lakshwadeep Islands, they house one of the unexplored beaches of the country. Andaman is an archipelago while Lakshwadeep is the coral reef of India. Both these destination can be stated ideal for a unique, secluded and tranquil wedding, amidst the natural environs. 

There are a number of bounteous beaches here, which can serve as good wedding venues. These are especially suitable for the adventure lovers. The islands provide host of water games such as snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, kayaking, which can be enjoyed by both the guests and the host. Moreover, you can treat your taste buds with luscious and delectable sea food. To add to the fun and excitement, you can also go on a cruise for that just right Titanic experience.