Given below are some Indian wedding suit designs. Check out wedding suits for Indian groom.

Bridegroom Suits

Gone are the days when it was just the bride that people looked at. Times have changed and grooms no longer lag behind. Nowadays men have grown equally conscious about their looks and persona. To look good is what each one of us wants, especially when it is a special occasion like your own wedding. Therefore, to cater to the needs of the demanding grooms, a variety of Indian wedding suits are available in the market. These suits differ in their designs, fabric, colors and price range.

For the convenience of the customers, wedding suits are available readymade. Moreover, if you want to get that perfect fit, you can get one tailor made exclusively for yourself. First and foremost decide the color of your suit. Grey, blue, cream, off white, ivory, brown, etc are some of the options you can choose from. After this one should decide the fabric of the suit. If you have your wedding in summers, go for light and cool fabrics. 

For winters get a woolen coat made for you, to shake off that chill. The next thing to be considered is the design, which decides your look. Nowadays, 3-button suit or a double-breasted jacket in six or eight button combination is preferred. However, you can button them or leave them open according to your taste. Not to forget, get your wedding suit stitched from a skilled tailor, as the fit of your suit decides the look of the wearer.

Apart from the conventional suits you can also go for Jodhpuri or Prince suits for yourself. It usually consists of a coat, trouser and matching vest. This highly traditional and ethnic dress reflects the true culture of India. The length of the jacket is similar to that of the suit and has a stand up Nehru collar. The vest and the jacket are given a royal by the use of embroidery, Zardozi etc. The inner shirt of the suit is essentially Nehru style and is its trademark. They are available in a number of colors, design and size to cater to specific tastes.