Decoration, especially with flowers and lights, is the heart of an Indian wedding. Check out flower décor in Indian marriage.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding DecorationAny Indian wedding is incomplete without decoration. Not only weddings, in India decoration is a must on all festive occasions and cultural events. Decoration only beautifies the surroundings but also fills it with positive energy. It is a form of celebration and expressing joy. It is even considered auspicious to decorate the venue where such activities are taking place so as to draw good luck and prosperity. Thus, it becomes all the more important to decorate a wedding venue as well as the houses of the respective families.

Moreover, flower decoration is considered inevitable. Marigold is the flower which is used in decoration as a tradition. Draped and hung Marigold garlands are a common sight in any wedding house. Besides, the decoration of the wedding venue is a vast issue. It is usually handled by florists and decorators, which also take care of the seating arrangement. The flower decoration can be of many types. You can even have a flower theme for your wedding and spill color and fragrance around.

Flower decoration is the most sought after in weddings. You can completely change the look of your wedding venue with the help of the decoration. For an ethnic and traditional look you can go for, roses, orchids, marigolds, gerberas, etc. For a westernized, expensive and plush look, you can go for fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses or lilies or orchid. You can even decide the floral arrangement as per your wishes and budget. In case you have a theme, match the color of the flowers with the theme.

Flower decoration plays an important role in setting the mood of the wedding, so it is always better to choose seasonal flowers. Different flowers represent different seasons and accordingly influence the environment and people around. Therefore, if you have your wedding in autumn, choose colors like red, burgundy, amber, yellow and rust. For summer go for light and pastel shades like pink, sky blue, citrus tone and for winter go for an evergreen effect, white and sparkling silver.