Navratna Jewelry, a combination of nine auspicious stones, is a popular jewelry in India. Know about Indian Navratna Jewellery.

Navratna Jewelry

Navratna JewelryIn Navratna jewelry, nine auspicious stones are used in a single ornament. The belief behind this is that the nine stones together ensure well being of the person who wears it. In India, Navratna jewelry has been given major importance, because of its astrological significance as well as its innate charm. The nine stones used in the jewelry diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, topaz, and cat's eye. As it is believed in astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offer power.

Shukra is the planet for the diamond, Sun for ruby, Saturn for sapphire, Rahu for garnet, Ketu for cat's eye, Moon for pearl, Guru for topaz, Buddh for emerald and Angaraha for coral. Navratna jewelry can be set in rings that are mounted, so that the stones touch the skin. The weight of the stones is decided according to the individual's astrological chart. In the following lines, we tell you about the significance of using the nine jewels.

Nine Stones in Navratna Jewelry