Garnets are beautiful semi-precious stones and were once worn for protection and success. Read on to know more about this striking red colored stone here.


Garnets belong to the semi-precious stone category. The name is derived from the Latin word “granatus” which was a reference to the fruit ‘pomegranate’ which has seeds similar to the shape, size and color of garnet crystals. Archeologists have discovered garnet jewelry dating back to 3100 B.C. Ancient cultures like the Sumerians and Egyptians have been said to have used the stone in making exquisite jewelry. This stone was considered lucky by warriors during medieval times. People also held the garnets as symbols of unrestricted love, relationships, happiness, romance and devotion, so hence used it in marriages as a primary jewelry gem stone.

Garnet Gemstones
Garnets are related to different minerals and among them six are very important.
Among the above said garnets, demantoid which belongs to andradite is the most sought after. Though the garnet is found in different colors, the blue garnet is the rarest and was found in the end of 90s in Bekily in Madagascar. The blue garnet changes it color to green in the sun light and to purple in incandescent light and retrieves back its original color like during the evenings. They look amazing when worn with large Garnets for their vitreous luster are used in a variety of jewelry like bracelets, chocker sets, necklaces, neck pieces with large pendants and earrings. Garnets are available in places like Connecticut, New York, India, Russia, US, Africa and Brazil. It is said that wearing garnets bring good fortune.